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tv   [untitled]    January 12, 2012 7:31pm-8:01pm PST

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>> on behalf of the newly designated mayor of san francisco, i welcome each and every one of you. it was just about five minutes ago that david chiu sees it to be the mayor -- ceased to be the mayor. the active mayor for about 27 hours wallace the president of -- was the president of the
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board of supervisors. we thank you for your service. next to him is the senior member of the board of supervisors, the man who nominated john elsbernd. [applause] then not necessarily in alphabetical order, supervisor john avalos, supervisor david campos, supervisor carmen chiu, supervisor malia cohen, supervisor mirkarimi, supervisor
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farrell, supervisor kim, and supervisors got wiener -- supervisor scott leonor -- wiener. a number of your friends thought it appropriate to reach out to cover the span of mayors over the last fifth leaders, a small fraternity who you are about to join. leading that is lieutenant governor, who will brain some remarks. it was the man who served as a supervisor and whom the voters rewarded by making him
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lieutenant governor, and he was received by his colleagues at one minute after 1:00, when his tenure was evicted, and he gave an accounting of himself and the time he has been mayor, and now, welcome to the new mayor, gavin newsom. >> sit down those that have seats. let me welcome each of you for taking the time to be there. it is good to be here, and it is a wonderful occasion, and the people that need to be thanked
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the most are the people of california, because i would not have been lieutenant governor, and there would not have been a vacancy. i am honored that people have taken it upon themselves to allow for this opportunity and celebrate this milestone in the history of our city and this nation. your it is a remarkable thing what just happened. not that many months ago we stood on the steps of city hall in recounting her behalf of our cities richard -- our path on behalf of the city .
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here we are celebrating the first chinese-american mayor in our great city. it is a remarkable thing and a very proud dana. -- thing. i spoke a little bit about this yesterday, but it is important set this reminds everybody this is the birthplace of the united nations. this is a city of remarkable diversity. we do not just tolerated. we celebrate it. that is a spirit of what makes sense and cisco a special place in the hearts and minds of people -- that makes san francisco a special place in the hearts and minds of people.
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mayor lee, here is my advice. you have a year, figure out what you want to accomplish. you were put in this position by the people to my right, but the people of san francisco are the people counting on you. [applause] do what you think is right, and remember that as important and impressive as this did not -- as this is, there are hundreds of thousands of people who require your attention and leadership. always remember the people outside are the people we also need to represent. rem


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